Wherever we go PATRIARCHY follows…

There is no Men’s day! So, what do we do about it? We have Women’s Day and we are here to celebrate it in every possible way. I (read each woman) as a working mother, caring wife, loving daughter, sweet sister has ample responsibilities round the year. I not only believe in this particular day but celebrate every day as women’s day. Every day is mine. Each single day belongs to my dreams, to my passion, to my struggle and to my womanhood.  I know its damn difficult to be a woman in this male dominated world but why crib about it? We have to claim it in our own ways. It’s true that we have been living in an era which is full of inequalities of wealth and resources and we continue to witness a frightening backlash against women’s rights. The most heated debates like demanding access to abortion, fighting for the sex workers, and trying to seek justice for the disappearing of women human rights defenders still remain the issues of concerns across the Globe. Our celebration is relevant and expressive of multiple realities, identities and movements in order to guarantee that every day will be women’s rights day in practice.  

PATRIARCHY – the barrier

Emblazoned everywhere the word Patriarchy has become more stubborn and just not ready to leave us. It literally follows wherever we go like a glue. Activists, scholars, students, women Icons have been at loggerheads with this subject but unfortunately we still struggle in the 21st century. It took Argentina 100 years to legalise abortion. India saw many decades to declare Triple Talaq illegal.  Only six countries in the world give women and men equal legal work rights. Scotland became the first nation to pass a law making period products free and available to access in public buildings. Britain abolished the tampon tax meaning now there is zero VAT to women’s sanitary products. The world is moving at a rapid pace and we women have to catch up with this supersonic speed. It is our long struggle and only feminist activism can revitalise the power and potential in the decision making spaces with radical solutions and strategies. Gender Equality is a fundamental human right. In a male dominated power structure our potential is still untapped as power is related to privilege which of course women are not entitled. From unequal pay to targets of physical and sexual abuse women lack equal opportunities. Bashing patriarchy was never easy neither it is going to be a cakewalk in the coming decades.

SDG5 – Achieve Gender Equality and empower all women and girls.

2030 is not far off to achieve all the targets set by Sustainable Development Goals. We require immediate actions to curb the main issues of discrimination which are barriers in women empowerment in public and private spheres. Various socio-economic aspects like Gender based violence, educational deprivation, burden of domestic work, sexual and reproductive rights, gender binaries and economic exploitation make the life of a woman more miserable. Women’s economic empowerment is crucial for the economic growth, social development and a stable and just society. Investing in women’s economic empowerment activities will definitely reflect some change.

To achieve this what do we need? Do we have a concrete plan? Is debating and discussing enough to bring the change? Is this male dominated society ever going to understand the true meaning of parity?

Unfortunately, you and me grapple with these questions which are answered only in the theory books of gender studies. In practicality these concerns still bother us. We look for answers. We try to find solutions. We struggle to change the laws. We fight for our Rights. All in hope that one day there will be a world with no binaries, no boundaries and no miseries against women.

Surely, it’s a long way to go because wherever we go PATRIARCHY Follows………

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Richa Sharma


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