OFFDHOOK is the only website in India which talks about issues not only affecting our daily lives but are also being ignored by the Society at large. OFFDHOOK is all about breaking pre-conceived notions and seeing what we generally don’t see or tend to ignore. We believe in writing on subjects, which have a direct or indirect impact on the society.

Why do we exist?

Today, in India the news trend has completely gone for a toss, overhyped and overrated stories are becoming big News. When everyone talks about big stories, we talk about issues that are unheard or unseen. OFFDHOOK is a breather from the general news content that you all see and read. We don’t write news we write stories with a perspective that is totally different. We don’t restrict our writings to mere Social or political issues. Neither we confine our words to the sentiments of religion; cast or creed nor we want to limit only to the world of glamour and glitz. We bring you different stories with different perspective from India and around the World.

PS: We don’t make Viral stuff!!