SPRING 2020 and the CORONA Scare – a flashback

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!” — Robin Williams

It was March 2020, the season of spring and new beginnings. Unfortunately, no one  knew that the time ahead will bring the most disastrous news of COVID-19 Pandemic. India was busy celebrating the joys that season of spring brings along. Virus attacked and boom!! Everyone locked, stunned and in shock. Definitely a life changing moment for the whole World. Thanks to the birds, our only companions and chirpers we could bond during the lockdown. Yes, certainly it was a bond to cherish. The loneliness, the quietness slowly seeped in making us more grateful towards our lives. Humanity saw the best out of its own people. Humankind suddenly became more appreciative. However, it was not an easy year.

Once again Spring is here, my house is blooming with flowers. Birds are back after the harsh winter. Florist in my town is happy. The worst is gone but reminds us how the world struggled?

It was a tough year

For me the most unforgettable moment from the lockdown is the day of 22nd March. The preparation day of the lockdown as India observed the “Janta Curfew”. I still remember waking up on that day with a weird feeling of silence. I sat in my balcony, felt the peace but the silence threw many questions – the coming adversaries on the less privileged, on women, children and the families living in dire conditions specially in the rural part of India. How my domestic help is going to survive? What can I do to support her? Plethora of questions crossed my mind as somewhere we all knew that “Janta Curfew” was a prep nad the road ahead was real tough. Let’s give some brownie points to the person who thought of being little kind to its people.

Deserted Roads on ‘Janta Curfew’ day

Spring in India is the perfect month when winter departures and the beautiful spring sets around the northern parts of India. Lockdown 2020 gave us the opportunity to admire nature in its full form. We saw the clearest sky ever, breathed the most fresh air, heard the symphony of nature with a message – hey humans don’t mess with the mother earth! I am beyond your imagination. This is also the time when tourists visit India from around the world, unfortunately 2020 has changed everything thus 2021 will be a tough year  to many businesses across the globe.

Spring blooming in its full glory

Music and Yoga to my rescue

Music is therapy. Music is life. I enjoy music in any form and to my husband’s amusement I can write and learn with my headphones on. Even right now #BrownMunde and #Buttabomma is doing the trick in my ears. During the lockdown music saved my soul to the extent that I started enjoying Haye re meri moto, #SidhuMooseWala and my son’s favourite #Eminem. It kept me sane otherwise being a #WFH mother and a wife (to a media person who kept going to office even in lockdown) it was overwhelming. A big thanks to our music industry for uplifting my moods in these unprecedented times. Rest was taken care by the lovely sky which I witnessed every day from my balcony. Needless to say that whole lockdown was pretty much spent in my balcony which has this amazing view.

Amazing views clicked by hubby Rajat Puri.
@ Rajat puri

Can’t stop without mentioning how Yoga kept me going and helped me in de-stressing. Virtual classes were a blessing as our yoga teacher made sure to keep us in our senses. Yoga asanas, meditation and chanting came to our rescue and we sailed through.

Yoga se hi hoga 🙂

Fresh buds are blooming, animals are out of their hibernation mode, migratory birds are returning back, sky is clear and we all see a ray of hope. Hope to beat this virus and bring back this planet in its normal mode. Till then let’s keep cherishing what we have around us – nature in abundance.

Enjoy the Spring!


Richa Sharma



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