Mind your ‘Zero-Waste’ business please!

India’s market is evolving with the growing environmental conscience. The demand for environmentally-friendly products is clearly high. This gives start-ups a good reason to develop new products and position existing ones in ways that align with the growing demand. Biodegradable, eco-friendly, sustainable, go green are not just the words. These ideas are meant to save this planet. Certainly, this is not one social media trend. It is one serious business. It’s about the environment. It’s about the air that you and I breathe to survive. This Women’s day Offdhook is bringing you some amazing women who are on a mission to change the world. And, to our surprise we came across many women who are working on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

We met Anjan Sobti Prasad, founder, One Skyn. She is an entrepreneur who is doing her bit with zero-waste beauty regime products at One Skyn. Some excerpts from the interview.  

Anjan, founder, One Skyn

You are an entrepreneur focusing on skincare products  which are eco-friendly and sustainable. How did the idea of having zero-waste products emerge?

One Skyn was founded on three big questions – Why do we have to use disposables in our daily makeup routine ?  What exactly are we putting on our skin and what impact does it make to the environment ?

I firmly believe that our world doesn’t need more products — what it does need is better and effective solutions to the existing problems. Therefore, I set out to create a considered solution to what I saw as some major issues around the beauty regime and the planet. At One Skyn our goal is to reduce the waste created by everyday disposable wipes and cotton rounds and our mission is to provide healthier and more sustainable beauty products. At the same time, at every step, we balance quality, sustainability, usability and design.

Conscious consumerism has taken root in India. The concept is still evolving. How would you reflect on the statement? 

Yes !! The concept of conscious consumerism is still evolving as most of the consumers still feel and believe that disposables are the best way to remove makeup. It is now time for them to understand that as consumers it is our responsibility to be conscious about our buying decision and when we realised we could create a simple swap that was not only kinder to the planet, but also kinder to our skin ( & more economical ), we wondered, why wasn’t this already the new normal ? We, at One Skyn, believe that by being a little cautious we can keep our planet free from unnecessary waste and we always try and create an awareness of having a zero waste beauty regime through our social media and blogs.

Reusable and eco-friendly products by One Skyn

What challenges did you face in launching the eco-friendly brand in India?

That gap between what is required in today’s world and what is actually happening is quite dangerous. In India, the biggest challenge we have is an economic system and structure that will encourage the sustainable products industry to move forward fast enough. According to WWF, it takes more than 20,000 liters (5,283 gallons) of water to produce just one kilogram (2.2 pounds) of cotton.

There are studies which tell that the biggest barrier to sustainability is no longer consumer awareness or attitudes – the challenge lies in the availability of alternatives that are sustainable, viable and affordable. So how affordable is One Skyn?

One Skyn is better alternative to contribute towards healthier and happy planet!

Think of how much less we would be emptying our bins if we weren’t chucking a cotton round away every time we apply our toner in the evening. Less cotton rounds thrown away equals to less cotton rounds going straight to landfill. Every One Skyn pad can be used up to 200 times replacing 100s of single use cotton pads. So, if you add the cost of single use pads and the damage it’s causing to the environment, One Skyn is better alternative to contribute toward healthier and happy planet!

In today’s market, it’s been difficult to achieve the same as additional investment is required in supply chains. It costs money to source the quality sustainable material, producing the end product, quality checks and get certification etc. Though we are constantly working on making One Skyn – an affordable luxury for everyone who believe that they must switch to reusable products to take care of this planet.

This Women’s day what will you #Choosetochallenge ?

I #choosetochallenge #sheforher. Supporting the women next to you. This Women’s day let’s stand for each other, celebrate yourself and celebrate Her. I have always got inspiration from other women’s successful stories and have always believed every women’s success should be an inspiration to another woman. We’ re the strongest when we cheer each other up.

What is the true meaning of Women’s Day for you?

For me every day is Women’s day. Every day I feel more stronger about myself, more stronger about the work I do and feel more powerful about daily challenges I come across. I strongly feel the true meaning of Women’s day is Self-love. Love yourself first and keep yourself on top priority. Falling in love with yourself is much more important than falling in love with anyone else!


Richa Sharma



PS – This is not a paid post as offdhook still now remains a no-profit website. We promote ideas and women who are making difference in the society.

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