‘Rising Humanity’ in the times of COVID-19

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.”― Dalai Lama

As an anthropologist and a writer I tend to see things around me with a lens that is more human in nature. In India the global Pandemic COVID-19 had hit strongly in March 2020. Since then I have been observing the COVID response very closely. It is definitely a very challenging time and the response a gigantic task for any country. Being in lockdown for weeks, pausing for a while, and putting a full stop to social, economic, and political activities has taken a toll on millions of lives. Be it rich or poor repercussions are enormous and the times ahead will surely have a global impact.

Let’s leave politics behind

It’s my deliberate effort to refrain from the politics of COVID19 because I have always believed that these are just a few minds running our economies with what they seem is right or wrong. If only politics and economics had real magical powers, they would have saved the planet earth a long time back from the global environmental problems. Today our fight for Climate Change; which causes grave and irreparable damage to human society, would have been on the lists of top world leaders. The response to COVID19 hence proves that when the system fails, humans rise. We the human race does not need politics but humanity to rise above all. Let’s keep it at bay and talk of things that matter to us ‘Humans’ in these critical times.    

Humanity at its best

Deserted roads in Delhi, India

With less human interference we saw our Mother Nature healing. Lockdown gave an opportunity to listen to the music of nature, hitherto drowned by the traffic on roads. Humankind is going through a humanitarian revolution; in the midst of this crisis what we have seen is love and compassion, humanity at its finest. A sudden pause to humankind has yielded its best of results. In this time of upheaval, the world has witnessed new depth and dimensions to the humanity. The world will come out of this as strong, powerful, kind, and what it is capable of achieving together.

The visuals of people helping people, COVID warriors on the frontlines keeping everything at stake, homeless being taken care of, needy being fed and health workers taking the war against Corona heads on is definitely a World of different natures. We are taking our lessons from this catastrophe like never before. In a country like India where the idea of giving back to the society is still emerging in its real sense, there everyone coming together in the crisis shows a beginning of a new era – more human in nature.

So, how the post – Pandemic India would look like?

Humanity will have a new definition. Approach to being more human will be very different, and things will no more be taken for granted. The humanitarian mind will win over the set of old patterns and social behaviors. What we will see is the human revolution and the emergence of a new human being. The present political and economic system will have implications with changed perceptions. The post-pandemic thinking will differ from what it was before the COVID19 outbreak. The system will adapt new ideas and thought processes. The generation next will use a different lens to analyze the post COVID world. Education, boardrooms, work cultures, global health will see a never seen before – paradigm shift

We are in this together; we will conquer it together and surely will come out stronger from this global Pandemic.     


Richa Sharma Puri

Founder & Editor

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