Lopping off your tresses is not empowering!

“my tresses laid scattered on the floor; lifeless and wretched …..when I cut my hair short, the feeling of letting go mixed with ‘not a big deal’ thought empowered me more than the hairstyle itself”.

After an overwhelming lockdown experience, I was frazzled and was looking for ways to uplift my spirits. Being at home for 70 days, not stepping out, managing chores and office work is definitely a life-changing phase. Thanks to our Indian society and culture that we are completely dependent on house helps which nevertheless has made us crippled. Our houses are not well equipped to run the chores smoothly. But being married to media personnel (essential services) I, unlike other wives, did not have to struggle with husband woes!!  So, lockdown for me was not that terrible. Still, stuck at home for months can take a toll on you. Life gets monotonous and to break that monotony one should make certain changes. This change can be done in the house décor, in one’s personality, food habits, fitness routine et all. 

DIY the new buzzword

Lockdown truly unleashed the creative side of people and ‘DIY’ the buzzword became quite a trend. I too thought of bringing some change in my life. I ruthlessly chopped off my long tresses. How does it feel? Picking up that scissors was tough, a thought that crossed my mind in the lockdown period many times. Finally, one day I build up some courage, and in one go my tresses laid scattered on the floor; lifeless and wretched. The heart sees it and pounds faster as it adored the long length more than me. The mirror showed a new me. So what else it does to you? Does it empower you in any sense? Sorry to break your heart but nothing of that sort happened to me!!

Yeah, that’s me!!

Let’s break the myth around short hair

After having cut my hair short, my thoughts wandered facing the mirror. How do I feel? Believe me, it left me amazed as I could not feel much except the fact that now I could wash my hair every day. It’s easy to manage and now I am quite a pro at cutting my hair, I need not spend on salons. But the biggest question that we women often found ourselves grappled with is – am I looking good in this hairstyle? Is it suiting me?

This is where when we relate our hairstyles with self-confidence and empowerment. To me, the haircut has always been a reason for breaking the monotony in life. I have never followed any trend or the logic of suiting or not? Hairstyles don’t define me. It is just like not allowing anyone to rule your life or not letting anyone write a rulebook for you. You do what you do, you wear what you wear. You don’t need society’s approval.

I have heard women saying and believing that shorter the hair bigger the confidence. I completely don’t believe in this, as it’s more to do with your style of living, comfort level, and breaking the boredom of life. It is one’s personal choice.

The feeling of Letting Go!!

Things we love become more precious to us and let them go off sounds scary and very dominating. We, humans, have this inbuilt capacity of holding on materialistic things in life. We don’t leave what we adore; we stick or cling around like a bond. Unfortunately, we don’t adhere to the idea of ‘Not a big deal’. We make huge hue and cry of the things that we love and hold them as a special part of our lives. But, believe me when I cut my hair short, the feeling of letting go mixed with ‘not a big deal’ thought empowered me more than the hairstyle itself. It is not my look, which is mounting my confidence rather the feeling of not being mad about small little things in life and my belief in myself that my personality has nothing to do with my success and failures. My inner beauty is more valuable; it makes me a better person every day.  

This is my philosophy, which pertains to everything I do in my life. We have to take ourselves easy – not wanting for more and not holding onto materialistic things in life. Trust me, life becomes more beautiful and realistic. It is a kind of contentment, which makes you a better person and a giver in life. We imbibe so much from our life, from the surroundings that in return we often fail to give back. Therefore a little bit of ‘let go’ and believe in oneself is the key to happy living. So be easy on hair, don’t think much, don’t create a fuss around it, and do what you feel is right for your hair. Long or short hair is just the idea, not a life-defining thought. Life is beyond haircuts and styles. 


Richa Sharma Puri

Founder & editor


Views are personal and realistic

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