‘Women’s Day for me is a celebration of womanhood and taking pride in being a woman’ says the app girl Mehvish Mushtaq

Its been almost two years since you developed an app called Dial Kashmir, so how people have accepted it and how successful the project has been in India?

The app is targeted at my own people (the people of Jammu and Kashmir) and those who intend to visit the valley. Irrespective of the section of the society at which this app is targeted, People from all walks of life appreciated my work.  And when people appreciate your work, it gives you so much to cheer about. I have been recognised for the app. I also received some awards for it. The app has more than 20000 downloads on play store.

Did you face any problem in launching it as being a woman?

No. Nothing as such. I haven’t faced any biases towards me.

How your own state has helped you in this journey ?

I developed this app as a part of Online Learning Program. It is an individual project. It has got nothing to do with the State government.

Even today we find very few girls in the field of Engineering, but you are an inspiration for those girls who still find difficult to deal with this mindset up. What message you have for them on this women’s day?

Girls should not limit themselves to certain professions. Technology is one such profession which is more feasible for girls. It lets you explore new possibilities and opportunities. Just because technology seems to be a man’s domain, does not mean it is.  No matter what field you are in, if you are good at something you will excel. Believe in your work and yourself.

What does women’s day mean to you? 

Women’s Day for me is a celebration of womanhood and taking pride in being a woman. I think every woman must be proud of who she is and celebrate herself and her being everyday in her own way.

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