Happy New Year!

365 days are just gone and we have already started looking at plethora of ideas and opportunities that life has to bestow on us in 2019. You, me, everyone around us strive to make the best out of upcoming 12 months. In fact the race to make the best out of 31st evening has already started across the globe. Everyone is in search of happening party places, fancy clothes, scrumptious food, delicious champagnes and foot tapping music to celebrate the New Year. The stress has already begun and the hangover on first day of the year is going to be the best one isn’t it?

All this to welcome the New Year, year that we all hope will be the best than the one gone by. But why think so much? Why take stress on the very first day itself. Believe me it’s only the calendar which will change as rest everything will be normal very much like this –

  • Your doodhwala will come at usual time in morning and you will open the door with some hangover.
  • Domestic help will arrive on time to throw n number of questions against those dirty piled up dishes.
  • Housewives will think about the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu just like every other day.
  • Office goers will have the usual traffic too!
  • Your office/business will function as usual and your boss will forget it just after wishing you Happy New Year thus you will be called for heavy-duty meetings.
  • And mind you it is 1st of Jan meaning its time to pay all your EMIs and bills. 

Why plan to have it all?

Resolutions, promises, targets, budgets, trips and what not, we plan to have it all don’t we? So, logically we start our new year with a heavy baggage that seems to be intentioned at making our lives smooth. But, is that really important? Does that even matter? To some extent yes. We all want to live a peaceful life thus planning it in advance does make sense. However, the flip side is that we actually plan to screw ourselves with panic, anxiety, stress, and sleepless nights to give our best to this damn New Year. There are still many people who take it lightly and just move on with the flow and the plans that life has to offer. Every day is a new day as we learn and grow with each passing day. Try to live everyday, party everyday and celebrate life’s every moment with each one around you. So, this year be generous, think positive, don’t take stress, throw your anger out of the window and try to be a good human. No resolution is bigger than promising yourself to be a wonderful human in 2019.

By Richa Sharma

Editor offdhook.com

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