Are we failing as Humans?

We all read many heart wrenching stories everyday, we shed tears we feel bad and get busy in our own lives. Why not? after all we hardly have access to the characters of those stories. But what when you have access and you still don’t give a damn? A small incident just happened in my life and it completely changed my perspective towards life. It has made me realize that we as humans are too self – centered. We all are running in some rat race and hustle and bustle of a metropolitan city. For us life has become all about that weekend which like a stubborn storm comes every week. We work for five days but live only on those two days! Isn’t the irony of so called life?

Three years back I took a plunge in my quest of loosing that bulge! I joined my neighbourhood gym. Apparently since then I have been very irregular client to many gyms. Back then I met this woman who just like me wanted to burn all the fat. After some days I got to know that we live in the same society. However, few months later I had to say goodbye to that gym. But all this time I kept seeing her in the society and conversations got limited only to hi – hello!! My busy schedule never allowed me to know her beyond the hellos.

A month back I met her again and decided to stop for a while and have a detailed conversation. As we started I got to know that we share the same block and she lives just some floors above. This was not enough as a shock so comes another that her husband is bedridden for last many years and she finds it difficult to give time to herself.  She planned her family life too but nothing worked out so basically she with her husband lives alone. She deliberately kept herself low key in the society as she felt little lonely and shy to mix up with people. And we ended with a thought that she wants to go back to her village with her husband as the whole family resides there.

Our meeting ended and I was left with plethora of thoughts and questions. Why we have become so unaware of our own surroundings? Why the person staying in my same block could not reach out to me for help? Are we failing as humans? Are we failing as a society? Definitely, a lot needs to be answered…         

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